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DNF - Spoilers

Clockworkers - Ramsey Isler


by Ramsey Isler


What a fun story! I thought at first.


It's about a clockmaker who is helped by an elf friend in his trade, who he bequeaths to his daughter when he dies. The daughter, of course, knew nothing about this elf. I really liked the beginning part of the story, and poetic phrases like, "The next day, Sam started her life as an orphan."


However, as the story progressed, I decided I didn't like Sam, the protagonist. Her refusal to accept the elves for what they were got under my skin after a while, then later her awkward ways of offending them didn't help. The author cleverly uses the device of a diary for info dumping and the world of the elves really fascinated me, but there was often too little of it and the use of a gun and too many business technicalities brought me out of the enchantment.


As things got more corporate, I began to really lose interest. When Sam rented a plane to fly around and collect more elves, I decided it was time for a DNF. It's possible I could go back and finish t someday out of curiosity, but it's not going to be a priority. It's a story that could be cute, but just wanders off in directions that don't appeal to me.