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Circus of the Damned - Cornelia Grey

Why, WHY did you have to ruin it!


What is it with writers recently that they get past halfway in a perfectly good story, then decide to go porn and have a graphic sex scene that makes it unsuitable for younger readers? This book would have appealed to a wide age group, but they've just cut off a significant segment.


If I want to read about who did what to whose body parts and the shuddering climax moment, I'll look under Erotica. It's supposed to be a Horror for chrissakes. I don't mind that it turned into a Romance so much, but how the anal muscle feels as it tightens around his cock is going too far.


I could tell early on that Cornelia Grey was a pen name for a male writer, as if the name itself wasn't a dead giveaway for a psuedonym, but it really, really didn't have to be that graphic.


This is what makes me careful about reading recent Romance novels. Many of them have one totally pornographic scene in a book that isn't otherwise Erotica. WHY?!?


I think it cheapens the book. I'm not a prude, but have some taste authors!