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A second chance

A Density of Souls - Christopher  Rice

Ok, so I figured I would never bother with another Christopher Rice book. Then Netgalley sent me an invitation for several mystery books, which is not my usual preferred genre but I looked anyway. This one sounded like it could be rich with description of a place that I've been to only once and found enchanting.


So, since it's a reissue of a book originally released in 2000, I went to Look Inside on Amazon to see if it was written in present tense like the other one of his I read. Nope, it's in past tense. A little skimming and it looks like more what I would expect from this writer, considering his background.


It also has child characters, which would often put me off but there are exceptions. After all, one of the best werewolf books I've ever read starts with child characters.


I requested it. Fingers crossed, let's hope it's a good read.