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Dodger - Down Under: The Further Adventures of the Artful Dodger 1827-1832 - David  Weston

I finally got tired of putting off books I really wanted to read because I saddled myself with too many Netgalley reviews to do. I want to read this one, damn it! So I've started. I've basically read Chapter One, which had already hooked me on the sample. The author does a pretty good voice and so far the premise is looking good.


Incidently, on the subject of Dickens character sequels and as it's Christmas season, there are now 3 sequels that I know of related to A Christmas Carol. Jacob T. Marly and Mr. Timothy both failed my samples test, but Netgalley has a new one from Tim Cratchit's point of view. I've requested it. Fingers crossed it will be good!


It's funny, I've been getting real turkeys from established publishers on Netgalley and great indie books for a while now. Go figure.