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Finn Fancy Necromancy

Finn Fancy Necromancy - Randy Henderson

by Randy Henderson


This book has one of the strangest beginnings I've ever read, even in a fantasy novel. In some ways the situation reminds me of Corwin of Amber, in that Finn has memory loss, but his is caused by being exiled out of body for 25 years. Apparently people who commit, or are falsely accused of committing, certain magical offences spend a period of years discarnate feeding the fey while a changeling looks after their body. Luckily the rules are tight and they have to look after it well.


It gets weirder as it goes along, but in a good way. I got thoroughly drawn into this story and really enjoyed the stretches of imagination involved. There were also some hilarious comments and brilliant weird ideas. The bit about Dunkin Donuts and lentils alone was worth the time reading. You have to read it in context.


At times it straddles the line between YA and Fantasy written for adults. Sex is mentioned but with no actual sexual situations, at least as far as I was able to read. Unfortunately Netgalley provided only an excerpt of the story for review, so I don't know whether it has a satisfying ending or whether more adult situations come into it later.


What I did read was well written and enjoyable though and may well be worthy of four stars rather than the three I've given it, but endings are worth a full star to me so I've had to withhold one as the full story wasn't provided for review.