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Since Grim is reading it...

Dance of the Goblins  - Jaq D. Hawkins

First of all, the lurid green cover appears to have been replaced by a brown one that is easier on the eye.


Admittedly I've been curious about this book for a while. I'm a fantasy reader, but a friend of mine had some kind of argument with the author so I hadn't sampled it yet. Then last night, as a result of conversation about it here, I got curious.


I have no personal argument with the author and unlike some of the more famous cases, I've never seen evidence of her arguing about a review of her book, apart from the disagreement between her and Grim as to whether one scene constitutes rape. I haven't got to it yet, but I think I can look at it more objectively.


What I will say is that I got into the story. Yes, there is a misogynistic attitude in one of the characters that you meet on the first page. By chapter three it's clear that he's not a very nice character and you're not meant to like him.


This is not a high action story like a lot of the newer fantasy novels. It's more introspective. You experience a lot of the thoughts and feelings of the characters, especially the main goblin character. I see a conflict within him that has actually got my interest.


Please dont misunderstand my reasons for reading this, Grim. I just wanted to see a more objective view and I don't think anyone else here is likely to read it so I've looked for myself.


This isn't going to appeal to everybody. It doesn't fit in with the shifter novels and that sort of thing. It's more old school fantasy.