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The Aeschylus - David Barclay

This is shaping up to be interesting. I wasn't sure at first, but then I got drawn in. It appears to be an espionage story, but the other reviews mention the word Horror and I'm wondering if Cthulhu comes up and munches the oil workers. ;)


Maybe it's enough that there is a legacy of a Nazi plot involved. I usually avoid anything WWII or Nazi in my reading, but it's a peripheral element in this story and is mostly focused on modern day.


Best of all it is once again, my last Netgalley book, until I end up requesting more. I'm going to try to resist that for a while so that I can read some of the backlog on my Kindle. I need the space!


In the meantime, this is well written and anyone into Thriller, espionage, borderline Horror, etc might want to take a look at this.