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My own unapologetic opinions on books and writing. I DO NOT accept review requests but only review books I choose to read and I don't post reviews on Amazon. I'm also persnickity about genre and plot.

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End of May Roundup

So everyone does these end of the month posts and I thought I would go along like a lemming this time.


Books finished in May:

Artful - Martin Lake Bottled Abyss - Benjamin Kane Ethridge Chronicles of the Unexplained: True Stories of Haunted Houses, Bigfoot & Other Paranormal Encounters - Gary Gillespie time travel Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier knife


Not bad going for me. I can't get through as many books in a month as some here.


So, currently reading:


The Graveyard Book, adult version - Neil Gaiman The Aeschylus - David Barclay


The Aeschylus is the last of my Netgalley reads, until I weaken and request more. It's good if you're a Thriller reader.


June is going to be dedicated to clearing some stuff off my Kindle. This means going through samples and eliminating loads of them, and if I get through those, the free books that have collected up. I plan to treat those just like samples. I'll start to read, but if they don't grab me, they go!


I anticipate making one exception for starting a new book:




The fourth book in my favourite time travel series is due out within the next few days. Apart from having joined the early reviewer team for this series, I just can't wait to see what happens next!


So that's it in May. I expect to have three finished books at the end of June. Just my current reads and the time travel book. Hopefully I'll have some free space on my Kindle by then!