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German Comfort Cooking

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German Comfort Cooking: 90 Delicious German Cooking Classics Unearthed For Du; Quick-n-Easy Germany Recipes Done Suhr Gut! (Cookbooks Of The Week Series) (Volume 8) - Victoria Love

by Victoria Love


The title of this book made me expect, you know, German food. I soon discovered that the word 'comfort' adapted what might have been traditional German food into such old classics as German Cinnamon Crispas, German Poached Eggs (poached eggs on rye bread), Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie, German Granola Bars, German Pumpkin Shake, German Best Hot Dogs (suspiciously like American hot dogs), Veggie Franks and Beans, Cheeseburger Soup and German Milk Risotto.


Some interesting stuff there. Of course some of the ingredients like Jimmy Dean Sausage, Bisquick and Pillsbury refrigerated classic pizza crust, not to mention Sucker's apricot preserves (did they mean Smuckers?) only exist in America, but never mind. It must have been a hardship during the war.


To be fair, there are some more German sounding dishes, like German Liverwurst Dip, Germany Style Obatzda (not sure what that is, even after reading the recipe, but it uses Camembert cheese, beer, onions and spices), Veal Strips in Cream Sauce, German Bavarian Meatball Stew, Creamed Cabbage Soup, German Potato Soup and German Potato Pancakes. They looked a lot like similar American dishes for the most part, but I'm sure they were German really.


If that isn't cultural enough for you yet, there is Nuernberg Red bell Pepper Salad and Easy German Fleisch Salad. Maybe I'll just leave that there.


I thought I might be on to something when I came across some baked goods. The German loaf cookies started with the ingredient fructose. Fructose? You're having me on! But the German Almond Cake looked appealing and there was a recipe for German Roll Kuchen.


Having failed to find much German flavor in this cookbook, I had a look at some of the author's other ethnic cookery books. The French one had such authentic fare as Chocolate Peanut Butter Toast and the Mediterranean Tuna Sandwich was made with olive oil, but I got a little confused about Chinese Latke and French Quesadilla. Especially the idea of using Velveeta Cheese Food, yet another exclusively American delicacy.


I'm going to have to include the entire series of ethnic cookbooks from this author in my half star rating, but who knows, maybe that will get me into the Hall of Fame for 'mean reviewers'. At least I will have got something out of these cookbooks.