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My own unapologetic opinions on books and writing. I DO NOT accept review requests but only review books I choose to read and I don't post reviews on Amazon. I'm also persnickity about genre and plot.

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Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward
Carl Abrahamsson, Gary Valentine Lachman
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Fairies:: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk
Morgan Daimler
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Sigil Witchery: A Witch's Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols
Laura Tempest Zakroff
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Old Celtic Romances
P.W. Joyce
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Dreamtime Dragons
Nils Visser
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The Grand Phantom
Harold Cloninger
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Naomi Novik
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Don Quixote
Roberto González Echevarría, John Rutherford, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Progress: 48%

Saga of the Samples

Angels of the Deep - Kirby Crow TimeStorm - Steve Harrison Timeline - Michael Crichton The Secret of Crickley Hall by Herbert, James (2007) Paperback - James Herbert The Greatest Knight - Elizabeth Chadwick The Tale of Onora: The Girl with the Solar Eyes (Volume 2) - Dylan Saccoccio, Hilary Merrill, Marco Ivancic The Scapegoat - Daphne du Maurier Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen Children of Time - Adrian Tchaikovsky Runelight - Joanne Harris

As my long time followers know, I'm on a quest to read all the collected samples on my Kindle to clear some space, which is complicated by the rate at which I add more! Not to mention free books, but that's the next phase.


I collect samples easily for various reasons. Something sounds interesting in a review, something is on a topic that interests me, etc. They add up quickly if I don't keep on top of it. The up side is that I don't splash out money on books I won't enjoy very often because the sample is my real test of whether I want to read it. I won't read a book just because a friend enjoyed it. They might like different things or have different niggles. I reject books for starting too slow, for just not liking the author's voice, for sounding like it's written for someone much younger than me or for the subject matter just not gaining my interest.


I wouldn't list all the rejected books because some may be perfectly good reads for someone else and it would take a lot of time, but the above are the ones who passed the sample test and have moved onto my Ereaderiq list this month to wait for a price drop. If that doesn't happen before I clear all my free and paid for books, I may buy some at full price. The sample will have to convince me it's worth it all over again for that to happen!


I lucked out and caught Angels of the Deep on a free day last week, so that will probably be one of the books I read after I finish the ones I've already got in progress!


I'm still running at about a 10% keep rate.