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How long does your Kindle last?

— feeling angry

Just spent my reading time for the evening talking to a customer service person on their chat support. My Kindle had an aneurism or something. Their best solution was for me to buy a new Kindle, but they gave me a discount.


Now, my Kindle is 3 years old. The warranty is only one year, but it seems a device should last longer than that. On the UK Amazon forum, there's a thread that goes back to 2012 with people who have had the same issue I just had and it seems their Kindles were around 3 years old, including a guy who only just started using his 10 months before it died.


So, with someone telling me about car recalls and product responsibility on known issues, I just thought I would ask a diverse group of readers, how long have your Kindles lasted?


Can't believe they tried to sell me a model that costs more than twice what mine did.