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Yay Time Travel! And more Bingo selections.

— feeling alien
There Will Be Time - Poul Anderson

Well, with a couple of days to wait for my replacement Kindle, I still have not only my tablet, but paperbacks!


So I took a look at my shelves and found a short one I've been wanting to read, There Will Be Time by Poul Anderson. Classic science fiction.


The only thing out of reach really is my Netgalley books, which I could read on desktop if I was really desperate, but it's only a couple of days. I wanted to clear as many as I could before 1st September so I could focus on reading for the Bingo challenge, but the Kindle gods have decreed otherwise.


The good thing is that in looking over my shelves, I found two more to fit Bingo squares!


For Gothic: The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.

This has been sharing first place for next Classic to read with Don Quixote, so the decision just fell on Hunchback as next. It's a little long, but that will make up for some of my shorter selections.


For Mystery: Genre: Thorneyhold by Mary Stewart.

I loved her Fantasy books and wanted to try her Mysteries, so picked up this used paperback over a year ago. It's a witchy mystery so perfect for Halloween Bingo! It's also just a little over 200 pages. I think it was 228.


So, much good reading to look forward to!