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The Locked Door

by Austin Crawley


This is a short story about a woman who inherits a house from a strange aunt. She takes her young son to have a look at the place and is disheartened by its decrepit condition.


Though she keeps a close eye on her little boy, he has an independent streak and in the process of exploring the house, happens upon at least some of its secrets.


This was a re-read for me and like the first time, I find myself hoping the author will expand it into a book. The unusual aspects of the house are ripe for some interesting plot ideas and I would love to see it developed further.


The protagonist, Emma, is someone many women will be able to identify with. A single mother with tight finances, doing the best she can with a young child to care for. I thought the author's insights on what a woman would be feeling after a long drive and a disappointing, then frightening outcome smacked of reality and was artfully developed in the space that a short story has to offer.


Easy 5 stars.


You can read it for free at https://www.inkitt.com/stories/mystery/15277