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Goblin Tales

Goblin Tales - Jim C. Hines

by Jim Hines


This is a collection of short stories written to accompany the Goblin Quest series (Goblin Quest, Goblin Hero, Goblin War) to give fans a little extra something to add to that world. Hines has an amusing look at goblins from within their own point of view which seems to be a growing trend in Fantasy fiction.


It is particularly well done throughout the series, but one very notable thing about this collection is that it includes the story Goblin Hunter which tells the story about how Jig the goblin met Smudge the Fire Spider, easily the two most important characters through the series.


The last story in the collection is one that introduces the concept of the Libriomancer, which became another series for Hines. I expect I'll read that sometime soon. The story showed me a very interesting concept that I can't wait to see fully explored.


Best of all, Smudge comes along for these adventures as well!