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America's Most Haunted Hotels

— feeling ghost
America's Most Haunted Hotels: Checking in with Uninvited Guests - Jamie Davis Whitmer
by Jamie Davis Whitmer
This is a record of paranormal investigations at several hotels in the U.S. where significant ghostly activity has been reported, sometimes over hundreds of years.
The author acknowledges in the prologue that traveling to these places around the country can be expensive and their team has limitations on what they can actually do to investigate, but they are able to collect stories and legends and leave themselves open for possible experiences.
The first stop is a hotel in Louisiana called The Myrtles where paranormal activity is frequently reported. The various stories and investigations of living people who might account for what people have claimed to see was interesting, but the investigators personal experiences were auditory on this one. These were fairly significant.
We are then taken to the Queen Mary cruise ship which has many stories attached to it, followed by a visit to Brisbee Arizona which the author suggests is the most haunted town in America. A hotel in Arkansas provides some pretty chilling stories as do several of the other examples our armchair tour takes us through. Many of the stories are substantiated by multiple people interviewed and the authors do report a few experiences themselves, though they point out in the conclusion that ghosts don't appear on command and ghost hunting is largely down to luck and random behavior of the subjects.
I liked that the addresses and contact information were given for the locations, so that interested readers can look into these places themselves if they have a mind to. It's not a sensationalist book with pictures of apparitions at every location, though one mirror photograph is worthy of scrutiny. It would make a good starting book for someone who fancies the idea of doing some investigating themselves.
The background information of each location is thorough and prices at the time of writing are included in the contact information.