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Floor Four

Floor Four - A. Lopez Jr.

by A. Lopez, Jr.


An old abandoned asylum is boarded up to keep curiosity seekers out because rumor has it that the ghost of a maniacal serial killer who died there still haunts the fourth floor. To add to the urban legends, a workman was found hanging on that floor. A caretaker, with a personal interest in the case, tries to keep teenagers out on the anniversary of the killer's death, but the teenagers are determined to have a party there, assuming safety in numbers. What could go wrong?


This was an interesting concept, but the writing was undeniably amateurish. In it's favor I didn't see a single typo and there was only one editing anomaly in the whole book, but the suspense fell flat, the sentence structure, while technically fine, lacked finesse and the surreal scenes near the end became repetitive to the point of impatience.


Not a bad effort for a beginning writer who might develop his skills by reading some of the greats in the genre.