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My own unapologetic opinions on books and writing. I DO NOT accept review requests but only review books I choose to read and I don't post reviews on Amazon. I'm also persnickity about genre and plot.

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Captives of the Flame (The Fall of the Towers, #1)
Samuel R. Delany
Progress: 16%
Dark Carnival
Nancy K. Duplechain
Progress: 62%
About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution (Penguin Science)
Paul Davies
Progress: 65/285pages
The Grand Phantom
Harold Cloninger
The Toy Makers
Robert Dinsdale
Progress: 2%
Devil's Day
Andrew Michael Hurley
Progress: 34%
Fools and Mortals
Bernard Cornwell
Progress: 80%
Don Quixote
Roberto González Echevarría, John Rutherford, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Progress: 48%

Bingo Update

This is my card so far. In theory I'm working on the middle row across, but the other three books are fairly lengthy, though I've got some progress on all of them.


The Bingo calls are marked with a light blue frame. They're all over the place, not directing me to any specific row that might be better to follow.



So, the question is, do I continue focusing on that row or try to follow the calls? It's all pretty widespread so far. But today's call was on the square that would start me reading Day of the Triffids and I really want to start that one. Hmmm....