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The Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham

This is one of those classic Horror stories that everyone has read but me (or at least seen the movie) so one day I got a sample. It passed scrutiny and went on my ereaderiq. A price drop brought it down to £1.99 and I bought it, then left it mouldering in the Horror folder with intent to read.


When I started looking for books to fill the squares, it was also in my A-list folder so I chose it. My knowledge of the story is sketchy. I know there are evil plants and it probably could have filled the Aliens square, but I didn't get that one.




When this square was called, I couldn't resist any longer. I read chapter one yesterday and will of course continue, regardless of how many books I have in progress already!


Having so little knowledge is good because it leaves me with a lot of anticipation, wondering what happens next, when the plants come into it, etc. Don't tell me!


I can already see I'm really going to enjoy this one. :)