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The Goblin King

The Goblin King (A Tale of the Seven Kingdoms) (Volume 1) - Michael Card

by R. Michael Card


This is a good, traditional Fantasy reminiscent of the sort of thing Lord of the Rings fans were seeking out in the 1970s. There are some parallels like different peoples and a quest against goblins, but I would not call it a clone. It is well written and the ideas have a lot of originality.


It does suffer a little from the typical male Fantasy writer focus on what the characters are wearing and their fighting techniques and weapons, but it's not so overdone as to make it off-putting. The characters begin showing individual personalities from early in the story and the goal of the quest is clearly explained.


The plotting isn't terribly deep, but the story moves along well and although it's a long way from the quality of Tolkien, I enjoyed the read. As with many stories these days it moves towards a series and doesn't resolve all the issues. I don't think I'm sufficiently enamoured to continue the series but the sample of the second book looked pretty good.