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Bingo strategy adjustment

So, yesterday I worked out one of my Netgalley books could move from Genre: Horror to New release. This has changed the Netgalley spread on my card a little.



I've been targeting the 4th row across. 3 are finished and the other two *were* well in progress, which is why I think I had a blind spot for that row when I was trying to see if anything could move. So now 1 is in progress and likely to be finished today while the new selection for Genre: Horror is now going to be a new selection. I was going to put White Lies by Jeremy Bates there but it's already on Modern Masters of Horror! But it's a general enough category that it should be easy to fill.


This change makes my next target glaringly obvious; 1st row down has 4 Netgalley books! Of these 1 is finished and 2 are in progress, so the next two books to start are easy to choose. The only drawback is that the Diverse Voices choice is over 800 pages!!!!


Can't be helped though. I expect I'll start it and finish off the others in the row, then carry on reading the long one while I choose the next target row. We're getting close to having enough calls to bring that into the equation by then. But then I'm also being pulled to second row down because it includes two of the books I most want to read!


Here is my adjusted reading list:


New Release - Hark! The Herald Angels Scream edited by Christopher Golden

(384 pages)(N)


Darkest London - A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab (336 pages)


Country House Mystery - The Magic Cottage by James Herbert (400 pages)


Modern Masters of Horror - White Lies by Jeremy Bates (292 pages)


A Grim Tale - The Second Sister by Rae D. Magdon (212 pages)




Genre: Suspense - The Moor by Sam Haysom (224 pages)(N)


Terrifying Women - The Last Man by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (512 pages)


Gothic - Unsettled Spirits by J. Matthew Saunders (128 pages)(N)


Romantic Suspense - Rose Cottage by Mary Stewart (234 pages)


Dead Lands - Incubation by Adrienne Lecter (312 pages)




Cryptozoologist - Loch Ness Revenge by Hunter Shea (150 pages)


Fear the Drowning Deep - Dark Voyage by Helen Susan Swift (260 pages)


Free Space - Dark Ride by P.G. Kassel (116 pages)


Classic Horror - The Monk by Matthew Lewis (416 pages)


Baker Street Irregulars - Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing Scarab by Columbkill Noonan (274 pages)(N)




Amateur Sleuth - Pieces of Her by Karen Slaughter (480 pages)(N)


Ghost Stories - Trapped in Room 217 by Thomas Kingsley Troupe (136 pages)(N)


Genre: Horror -


13 - No. 13 Toroni: A Mystery by Julius Regis (60 pages)


Shifters - The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan (352 pages)




Diverse Voices - The Labyrinth of the Spirits by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (832 pages)(N)


Terror in a Small Town - General of the Dead by Richard Gleaves (608 pages)


Supernatural - John Peters In The Land Of Demons by A.H.Matai (372 pages)(N)


Relics and Curiosities - The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (816 pages)


Doomsday - Doomsday Anthology by Samie Sands (183 pages)


As you can see I've added page counts and put (N) on the Netgalley books. The only one I might yet change is Eye of the World. I really want to read the book, but a second book over 800 pages is scary! So I'll keep an open mind on that one and peruse the suggestion list and other sources for something appropriate that I won't still be reading after Christmas!