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The Amulet Thief

— feeling doubt
The Amulet Thief - Luanne Bennett

by Luanne Bennett


Alex was born in New York, but she was shipped off to Indiana as a small child and her return to the big city takes some adapting. What she finds most difficult is that people keep staring at her rather than minding their own business like she remembers New Yorkers doing in the past.


One of the two items she keeps close is a silver medallion necklace that her mother gave her, telling her to keep it hidden. She wears it under clothing, assuming the warning was because it has some value and keeping it as a treasure to remember her mother.


There were some seemingly supernatural forces at work here. The story had real possibilities, but I didn't like the turn it took.


The one thing I found really irritating was a significant character who is of help to Alex when she gets into a dire situation, but is rather domineering and keeps information to himself. The worst part is that the guy is treating her badly, but she finds him attractive. Puke! It would probably appeal to those who enjoy books like Fifty Shades of Grey, but it's not something I would normally even finish.


The writing was good enough, it was the plot and characters I found not to my taste. There was a chance here for a really interesting supernatural story, but the domineering romance took over as the main theme.