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One Word Kill

One Word Kill (Impossible Times #1) - Mark  Lawrence

by Mark Lawrence


I found myself quickly drawn into this story despite a teenage protagonist and references to D&D that aren't all that familiar because I've never played.


Nick Hayes is a boy genius with an interest in Quantum Physics. I love an intelligent character! However, he finds out he has leukemia and begins chemo treatment, just when he's taking interest in a girl and having his hair fall out. It's the last thing he needs. As if that isn't enough, a strange man begins appearing and Nick starts having odd deja vu hallucinations.


Time travel comes into this, one of my favorite subjects to read about. I'm not that keen on some of the aspects of approach in this one as it involves multi-world theory, but it's all interesting speculation anyway.


The action comes in with a school bully and some worse thugs who threaten the girl. Some of it leans towards YA, which I didn't expect from this author, and towards the end I found myself wondering what the point of it had been. Still, it was a generally enjoyable read and I've already started reading the sequel.