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The Healing Powers of Essential Oils: A Complete Guide to Nature's Most Magical Medicine
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May wrap-up

Remember the Future (The Chronicles of the Harekaiian #9) - Shanna Lauffey Cats in Origami - Nick Robinson The Great Wizards of Antiquity - Guy Ogilvy The Deathless - Peter Newman The Parisian - Isabella Hammad The Flavors of Other Worlds: 13 Science Fiction Tales from a Master Storyteller - Alan Dean Foster Splendor Solis - Stephen Skinner One Word Kill (Impossible Times #1) - Mark  Lawrence The Illustrated Bestiary: Guidance and Rituals from 36 Inspiring Animals - Maia Toll Animation 1: Learn to Animate Cartoons Step by Step (Cartooning, Book 1) - Preston J. Blair

A whopping 17 books finished this month, but 10 of them were non-fiction.


Stand outs in the fiction were Remember the Future by Shanna Lauffey and Flavors of Other Worlds by Alan Dean Foster.


The non-fiction all had their relative merits, but Cats in Origami and Animation 1 are probably most useful to me.


A lot of these were from Netgalley. I'm catching up!