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Limited Wish

Limited Wish (Impossible Times #2) - Mark  Lawrence

by Mark Lawrence


This is the sequel to One Word Kill, which I read immediately before reading this one. It starts out with a recap of major events in the first book. They're still fresh in my mind as I read this one, but someone who had more time between might benefit from the recap.


Several familiar characters return a few years later, most notably Nick. The story got off to a slow start for me and I'm still not a fan of multiple universe theory, but as that's at the heart of the plot, I let myself enjoy it on a fantasy level (yes, I believe in possible real time travel).


Much of the story this time was about Nick's need to discover time travel so that he could fill the role his future self already came back to do in the first book (everybody follow that?) There is also his confused love life when a significant new female character, Helen, enters his life causing 'ghosting' of potential future events.


Overall I found this story slower than the first one, though anyone invested in the characters from One Word Kill will be interested in how things progress in Nick's life.