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First Book Selections for Bingo

Deeplight - Frances Hardinge The Shapes of Midnight - Joseph Payne Brennan Surviving The Evacuation, Book 2: Wasteland - Frank Tayell The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood Gretel - Christopher K. Coleman Terror on the Tundra - J. Esker Miller The Haunted Hardware Store (The David Morgan series Book 1) - Frank Roberts The House by the Cemetary - John Everson

So, I've got 8 books chosen already, Yay! I'm going to try to resist filling all the squares too far in advance this time as I'm always checking for what comes out nearer Halloween. I also reserve the right to change my mind at whim, especially if I start to read a book and decide  it's cack.


Of the above, Deeplight by Frances Hardinge and The Shapes of Midnight by Joseph Payne Brennan are Netgalley acquisitions so I'll finish those regardless. Deeplight has deep sea monsters and could fit a few squares. I'm putting it on Monsters as I've already spotted another book for Cryptozoology. It would also fit Deep Dark Sea of course. The Shapes of Midnight is a collection of short stories on supernatural themes, so it gets the Supernatural square!


Next I've got Wasteland, second in a series of zombie novels. I read the first one for a previous Bingo and it was really well written! So I said if I got Zombies this time that's what I'm reading. I got Dead Lands, good enought!


The Handmaid's Tale was specifically cited for Dystopian Hellscape and as it happens, I recently bought it on sale! Tick.


Gretel has been on my Kindle for ages and I keep wanting to give it a try. I got the A Grimm Tale square. Yay!


The last three are from a recent raid on free books in the Horror genre on Amazon. Terror on the Tundra by J. Esker Miller is about "a hostile place where evolution was free to create unique creatures. And so, a single pair of shipwrecked Viking war dogs evolved into terrifying Apex Predators that ravaged the island unchallenged." Yeah, Cryptozoology it is.


The Haunted Hardware Store by Frank Roberts sounds whimsical. Ghosts. The House by the Cemetary by John Everson is an easy shoo-in for Graveyards.


I have multiple possibilities for 6 other squares and some of them are pretty broad, like Free square and Read by Flashlight or Candlelight which, if I fill those and read all these others, would give me a completed row. So, it will be interesting to see where the calls fall. Here's a look at the spaces I've decided books for. The pattern writes its own strategy. :)