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Bingo TBR Planning

Yes, I know. I over plan things. I'm resisting the natural inclination to choose books for every category on my card this soon to avoid the "Aw, I wish I had chosen..." that plagues me every year.


So, I posted recently that I have books chosen for 8 squares. These included 2 Netgalley and the rest books that appealed to me that just slotted nicely into a category. The squares accounted for are:



In a way I regret filling Ghost Stories so quickly because I love a good ghost story and there are many, but there are other squares they can fit.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been keeping a folder on my Kindle for possible Bingo selections, based on categories that have gone before. I have 6 squares that I have multiple possibilities for within that folder. I'll have to wait until start of game to just start reading the ones that might fit and see what grabs me. These squares are:



And then there are 3 squares with very broad categories, like the Free square. These will be good for additional Ghost or other favourite category books.



That leaves 8 squares with more specific requirements. These are the ones I'll need to look closer at my book collection to try to find something to fit, keeping in mind the wild card. I'm going to try to fill them without using it first, but don't be surprised if Aliens transmogrifies into something else. Most Alien books I would be interested in are science fiction which isn't a target genre for the game.



I'm not so sure about Fear Street either, but the other categories are all stuff I like and I will make an effort to fill them. I was disappointed last year that I didn't get Creepy Carnivals. Now is my chance!


I gave some thought to markers too. I liked the slash marks I used last year for calls because I could see through them. I'm thinking I could do the same with a spider web. For marking the books I've read, I think I'll used the book covers this time. I've seen other people do that and it creates an interesting record of books read. No kitty this time.