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Reaper Man

Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett

by Terry Pratchett


I've read Mort twice so decided it's time I continued this series. Admittedly I enjoyed Mort less on the second reading, but the character of Death is one of Pratchett's most interesting ideas so I still wanted to carry on.


As Pratchett books go, I found it a little slower in parts than I expected. The overall story was interesting in itself, but some of the digressions went on a little longer than interest demanded. The humour was certainly there and the unique concepts of Death as an entity who might take a holiday or even die himself. How he interacts with people is definitely a strength of the book.


The wizards tended to witter on a bit too long to keep my attention, but the inception of The Death of Rats makes the whole book worthwhile! I'm unlikely to re-read this one, but I'm glad I've read it now and I'll continue with Soul Music before too long.