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Relativity Reborn

Relativity Reborn - Amrit Srecko

by Amrit Sorli Srecko




I knew this book might be over my head before I started, but I was interested in the subject so thought I'd give it a try and see how much I could follow. Having a general familiarity with Einstein's theories helped.


There's always a certain resistance to deviations from long established scientific theories, not just in the science community but also among laymen who have become used to an idea and then see an extrapolation that adds or changes something. The natural first reaction is to presume the author is being pretentious, but we're talking about someone with Physics knowledge far beyond my own and after that initial balking, the mind opens to the possibility that he might just see something through an educated researcher's eyes that has been missed by others.


Some of the statements the author makes come over as perfect sense, others a little harder to shift the mindset to believe. The writing gives the impression that English is not the author's first language, but it is easy enough to follow.


I've come out of this one with mixed feelings. I don't have the educational background to judge his theories and would love to see what someone like Brian Cox would have to say about it.