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100 Happy Days - #89

Being organised


Some people would call it OCD, or CDO to put the letters in alphabetical order AS THEY SHOULD BE!


Whether it's organising shelves or books on my Kindle, or even planning events, I get a real kick out of having everything under control and knowing where to find things.


Let me say categorically that the images used in this post are off the Internet and are not actual photos of my stuff in perfect order. This is the aspiration, not the reality. However I do have a book with everything that is in boxes in the loft listed so that I can find anything I need to by getting someone to go up and get a numbered box, which includes rather a lot of books.


I love boxes and shelves and cubbyholes. Anything that helps me keep things in order.


I keep papers in file folders which means that important documents are always easy to find. It's mental, I know. Remember the post a long time ago that said I like desk assessories? It's all part of running my home desk like an office. Part of being organised.


I'm just happier this way.