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Holiday Hats for Babies

Holiday Hats for Babies: Caps, berets & beanies to knit for every occasion - Debby Ware

by Debby Ware


This is a straightforward knitting pattern book, but with a holiday theme and exclusively for babies.


It's rather whimsical and some of the patterns are a little too 'out there' for most people's tastes, but some are very cute and I expect I will use several of them for gifts for friends.


Some of the more 'specialized' designs include a pumpkin cap for Halloween, a hat with a slice of cake on top and one with a teacup, which could be useful if you were going to an Alice in Wonderland theme party!


Some other holiday specific ones include a cap decorated with holly for Christmas, a top hat with patriotic additions, one with firecrackers and several with items on top including a Menorah, a shamrock and an Arbor Day tree. I have to admit that I liked the style of the Shamrock hat and could imagine making it with a less specific decoration on top.


The Glittery Snow Cap is one that I find potentially appealing for actual use as well as a pretty one with a bouquet of roses for a little girl. The crown and the jester hat are perfect for whimsical gifts for friends having babies!


The Glitter and Glow Beanie would be a good choice for a gift that is more touching and not quite so whimsical. It has a big ribbon to add that touch of something special, but nothing too weird.


The patterns themselves are easy for anyone with basic knitting knowledge and use US size needles, though there are metric conversions in the back of the book. There is also a section for special stitches, which aren't difficult but some knitters might not have come across some of them before.


Altogether a thorough and enjoyable book with some interesting patterns that could make a new parent smile and keep the baby's head warm as well.