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So... Kindle samples...

I made a comment on a thread a week or two ago about reading samples according to the alphabet. I was serious. I'm up to E.


This came about because I had an issue with my Kindle that required a factory reset. To do that, I first needed to transfer aaaall my files onto my computer into a nice, safe folder. It all worked fine.


Then came that moment of transferring back, and I had an epiphany. I didn't have to clutter up the Kindle by transferring all of them at once, but could sort them into folders on the computer and add smaller numbers of items so that I don't get lost in all the tbr.


That was when the idea of dealing with more than 160 samples came in. I decided that if I go through them a few at a time, I'll have a better idea what I'm doing. There were 6 titles starting with A... 6 is quite manageable. I could read them in an evening, delete those I didn't want to continue with and make sure they weren't on my cloud personal items.


Naturally, reading more samples in an evening means getting less reading done elsewhere. Somehow my Netgalley shelf has 3 items on it again. Oops! Well, I'll take my time and not request anymore. The other 2 were instant downloads, I couldn't avoid it.


The one pitfall I didn't anticipate came under D. There were 3 books I started reading and wanted to continue! I've been ruthless, rejecting most samples, but these were good. 2 of them were selling for 99 cents so I just bought them. These were Daughter of the Forest by Juliette Marillier and Dead Secret by Wilkie Collins. Stephen King's Danse Macabre is non-fiction so I stopped at the end of chapter one and put it on ereader IQ. It's not that expensive and I may pay full price for it eventually, but for the moment it is sitting on a list where I'll find it again. Meanwhile the other two books want me to read them, but I still have several books in progress!


There are only 4 titles under E. That should be fairly easy, unless they all turn out to be really good!


What about newly acquired samples? If they start with a letter I've already done, I read them before continuing with the current letter. Otherwise they go into the sample pool and will get read with their compatriots, although I make a few exceptions, like if a book goes on sale and I need to know whether I want it quickly.


The system is working. Soon I will be completely on top of my samples! And maybe my reviews as well, if I can resIst adding too many more. ;)