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Bookaday Sept #10 - A book that gave you hope

The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

This was a toughie.


But... after thinking about it, I chose this one because after the first time I read it, I was left with the feeling that there was hope for the world because there are still heroes. There are still people who will choose to do the right thing, and more importantly, the kind thing.


Though it is fiction, the personalities reflected in the characters depict traits in real people. Given the same circumstances, can you think of people from your personal experience who would fill each role? Do you know someone who would deny fear and volunteer for a hopeless task, knowing it would save the world? Do you know someone who would guard the borders of your land, keeping it save? Do you know someone who, under pressure to bring any advantage of power to their own community, would rise above selfish instinct and set a hero on their way, knowing that the world's best hope was in the hands of someone else?


Given all the meanness in the world and self interest, watching even Gollum have moments when he was a nicer person than some real people gives me hope that even someone driven to self-serving obsession can have lucid moments and perhaps be redeemed. Just a little faith and trust can make all the difference.