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Origami Stars

Origami Stars - John Montroll, Brian K. Webb

by John Montroll


I've always been fascinated by the oriental art of Origami, or paper folding to make animals and other shapes, so when I saw this book I had to take a look.


What makes this craft book different from other books with Origami instructions is that it specializes in stars! These range from three-pointed stars all the way up to twelve pointed stars.


The instructions are clearly illustrated in color with step by step demonstrations and a page at the beginning of the book designated the complexity level of each design. The author says in the introduction that most of them are his own design. Though colors will vary according to what paper you use, some designs are folded so that the back color of the paper alternates with the front color for variation in designs.


Some of them do require small cuts and are woven together in ways that make very striking designs. I should think they would be wonderful for making home made Christmas decorations, maybe finishing with a little glitter spray.


The book is unique in its speciality and I think would make a great addition to any craft library.