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The Vines - Christopher Rice

I knew it was likely to be a mistake, but I was curious.


You see, despite all the furore over her recent public communications, I've read and enjoyed several Anne Rice books, especially some of her older ones from before she "didn't need an editor".


I have no trouble separating books from their author and will read what I like, regardless. So wondering if her literary influence might rub off on those around her, I read a sample of the book her PA wrote. It made me cringe over the amateurism.


But her son... the book came up on Netgalley and I thought surely he was around during her better years? Surely she will have proof read and helped mold him into a polished writer?


Apparently not. Awkward prose, the word 'which' twice in a sentence, and written in (spit) present tense. If I hadn't got it from Netgalley, I would DNF now. But I see a request as a commitment, so I'm going to speed read this turkey and get it over with so I can move on to something else.


Who knows, I've barely started, maybe it will get better. I'm a hopeless optimist.